Believe in Love; Don’t Settle for Less.

I just finished two weeks of jury duty, so I haven’t had the energy or the time to write. It is good to be able to reflect again on the power of love on this 4th of July weekend, which allowed me time to celebrate with my wonderful family.

All my family was together except my son who is still serving in Iraq, and I have to say, I was hoping for a phone call from him that did not arrive. I thank God for all those veterans and all those serving in the military who think of the good of others and sacrifice so much for others’ freedom, safety, and dignity.

We felt safe, free, and loved, as my three other children, their spouses, my grandchildren, my husband and I ate together, played cards, teased, and reminisced together after watching a parade and later viewing fireworks. Many of you probably celebrated in a similar fashion, but some of you might have experienced the number one problem in humanity, according to Mother Teresa, and that is loneliness.

It is difficult to feel separated from those we love.  So many of the people in the court system struggle with decisions they have made because of the absence of love or confusion about what love is. The one case on which I was summoned was a domestic violence case. Though I was not chosen for the jury, I observed the pain and angst of the accused as I listened to his defense attorney and the prosecutor try to filter through what was true and what was not.

It was apparent that two young people who parented a child together did not know how to co-exist peacefully.  While drunk and high they beat on each other, profaned each other, disrespected each other, hated each other, and “loved” each other in the unhealthy sense that they kept repeating the pattern of going back to each other and abusing each other. How sad that when hatred is expressed through violence, humans either retaliate or come to believe that they are not worthy of love.

We are all worthy of love. Sometimes in the selection of a partner or mate, people who do not love themselves settle. Settling is not a good thing. ” He is not so bad. When he is sober, he is a nice guy.” “She is OK most of the time when she is not in a bad mood and screaming at the kid or screaming and hitting me.”

Love and respect can go out the window when we are in unhealthy situations, and volatile relationships. We should seek help through counseling and, of course, through prayer and introspection. How can I be more patient, less judgemental, more forgiving, more  patient, more loving? We can all do better.

Thomas Aquinas wrote, ” To love is to will the good of another.”  Help me to love more authentically, dear Lord. Help me to truly want was is best for others and to do all that I can to help others in my little corner of the world feel less lonely and more loved.

Peace and Love,  Pam