Fun Morning with Moms at St. Joan of Arc

Parenthood is an incredible gift and a huge responsibility. Today, I spoke to a moms group of terrific, vibrant women of faith. They were moms whose children ranged from one month old to 21 years old. All desired the same thing: to help their children navigate life’s journey toward heaven… to be a companion on that journey.

Raising moral kids in today’s world is more of a challenge than ever, so developing a support system of peers is essential for parents. These ladies were awesome as they strived to creatively devise ways to help their children develop a relationship with Jesus. Putting faith into action as family is the way to make faith stick, a way to make it real, a way to have God be at the center of our lives, to be the constant source of strength, unconditional love, and endless mercy only He can provide.

In the family, the Domestic Church, parents are their child’s first experience of God who is love.

Take back your power, Moms. Hug; laugh; cuddle; talk; and listen. Share dreams, hopes, fears and struggles. Pray together, serve together, celebrate together. Take time to just be together, looking at each other, connecting with one another eyeball to eyeball and heart to heart.

Lord, help us to love you more intimately, so we can better love ourselves, and one another.

Peace and Love,