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More About Pam

Educator, Leader, Devoted Wife & Mother

Pam earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Kent State University with undergraduate majors in English and psychology. Her graduate studies at Kent were in the area of Guidance and Counseling. She has pursued theological studies through Ohio Dominican University, The University of Dayton, and Loyola University, New Orleans. She is a Nationally Certified Quest Teacher and a Nationally Certified Youth Minister. Pam is a certified Christian Counselor and Life Coach. She has been a contributing author to books and publications dealing with adolescents, peer ministry, and retreats and has served as a consultant to WCMH, Channel 4 and WBNS, Channel 10, as well as to schools and to churches in the Columbus, Ohio area.

Pam has taught at the middle school and high school levels in the public and private school sectors, in rural and suburban areas. She has coached basketball and tennis and officiated basketball and volleyball. She served as the Campus Minister of Columbus’ St. Francis DeSales High School in an urban coeducational setting for 14 years. Pam was the Youth Minister of St. Brigid of Kildare Church in Dublin, Ohio for 15 years leading ministry to high school youth, young adults, and a mothers’ group called Family First.

Pam has coordinated and chaired Christmas in April and Catholic HEART Camp, national programs which rehabilitate homes of the elderly, impoverished, or disabled. Her work with teenagers in service situations has reinforced her belief that teens can do anything if they have a goal in sight and work together to support one another.

Pam has spoken at national and international conferences for youth. She has traveled throughout the country empowering others to love one another. Her work with teens and their parents include the tough issues of sexuality, communication, depression and suicide, grief, and substance abuse. Pam is a care member of the Safe Team in Columbus which does grief counseling at schools where tragedies have occurred and is a member of the Columbus Task Force Against Domestic Violence. She is also a trained facilitator of Protecting God’s Children, an awareness and prevention program regarding sex abuse of children, and is committed to a program entitled Everyday People Make a Difference.

Pam was awarded the National Catholic Youth Minister’s God and Youth Award in 2003 and is a member of the Youth to Youth Speaker’s Bureau. Her commitment to youth is reflective in her personal conversations with them and in her public presentations to them. She is committed to helping the next generation transform our world by inspiring them to have a healthy respect of self and others, and moving them to an understanding of love.

Personally, Pam is especially blessed by her roles of wife and mother and enjoys the love of her growing family. Her youth and vibrancy defy her age. Her ability to relate to teens has not diminished over the years because she has never stopped ministering to them, and they feel her love for them.