From Teens

My Power & Solace

Pam gave me the power to say NO! Pam’s uplifting and encouraging words motivated me to seek solace… not in men, but in God and in myself. I am so proud to carry on my faith to college!


Love, Not Sex

I learned that loving a girl had nothing to do with sex.


From Parents

A Powerful Witness for Men’s Retreats

Pam ’s presentation was excellent, inspirational, and exactly what I needed to hear. I highly recommend her as a speaker for men’s groups or men’s retreats to guide us in our quests to be better husbands and fathers.


Clarity, Caring, & Humor

I had the wonderful privilege of listening to Pam speak on Raising Moral Children at the St. Joan of Arc Mom’s Ministry. She had so many simple, practical, empowering parenting tips that I filled four pages of notes on things I don’t want to forget! With clarity, caring, and humor, Pam delivers a relevant and supportive message that is based on years of training and experience. She helps parents believe that we can make a positive impact on the lives of our children, which is especially important in today’s modern culture.

Karri Brady, Family First Board Member, Powell, OH

Clear & Direct with Teen Buy-In

Pam’s message is not only clear and direct, but she also manages to win the approval of the kids. She is wonderful!

Sue Kathman, Florence, KY

Forgiveness of Self

Congratulations on your first book! I cried, I laughed, and learned so much about love and forgiveness of self. May God continue to bless you with His wisdom, patience, understanding, and love as you continue to minister to His children no matter what their age. What a wonderful legacy you are creating!


Ignorance Is So Scary

I really wish I had been offered the gift of your presentation when I was in high school. Ignorance is so scary.

Sue Gillian

From Clergy, Religious, & Others

Speaks from the Heart

Pam connects with her young adult audience, holding their attention to her message. She speaks from the heart.

Judy McElwee, Director of Religious Education, St. Anthony Church, Columbus, OH

Helping Young People Take Control

An affirming, yet challenging speaker who helps young people take control in building truly loving relationships.

Jim Vogt, Co-Director, Family Ministry, Covington, KY

A Gift for Storytelling

Pam has a gift for storytelling. I encourage anyone who is considering a presentation on sex and sexuality to make Pam Heil a part of their program.

Fr. Dennis D. Donovan, SDB, Salesian Center, Columbus, OH

Dispels Popular Misconceptions

Pam is an expert educator… She is able to help teens critically evaluate popular misconceptions about sexuality.

Greg Moser, Executive Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry in Cleveland, Past Board Chair NFCYM

The Value of Abstinence

FINALLY, a presentation that includes parents and reinforces the value of abstinence!

Elsa Verrill, Education Director

Relatable With Years of Experience

One of Pam’s greatest strengths is how relatable she is, both to teens and their parents. She can give a talk to teens and inspire them to do the right things. Pam can lead a parenting group and keep everyone on the edge of their seats. She gives great testimony from her own life and from years of experience working with families on how to lead teens down the right road and create great relationships among families.

Kim VanHuffel, Youth Minister & RCIA Director, St. Brigid of Kildare Catholic Church, Dublin, OH