Presentation Topics

Christian Sexuality & Morality

Help kids commit to a personal morality that leads to true love
Target Audience: 8th graders and their parents (adaptable for high school assemblies)
This 90-minute interactive presentation empowers kids and parents, opening the doors of conversation about decision-making, sex, and love. The session also encourages dialogue about life choices to restore the sacredness of sex, and to help teens grow in authentic love — a great presentation before a course on Theology of the Body.

Key Program Tenets:
• If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.
• “No” is a Love Word.
• Choose Chastity
• Trust the Love

Raising Moral Kids in Today’s World

Affirm and empower parents to reclaim their role as primary influence
Target Audience: Parents of middle and high school students
Busy schedules and outside influences can make it challenging for parents to believe that they are valued and needed by their teens. Kids need to trust that their parents will respectfully converse with them, that they will listen to their words, and will hear what is in their hearts. This session will help parents become more approachable.

Real Love Is for Real

Define and describe authentic, genuine love for a world confused by the idea
Target Audience: High school youth, college students, and young adult professionals
This presentation will help the audience understand what real love is. They will also receive practical suggestions for finding the love we all desire in all of our relationships. The focus can be personalized upon request.

Becoming the Man, the Husband, the Father that God Calls You to Be

Expressing authentic masculinity and leadership in a culture consumed by fear and stereotypes
By being a speaker on a men’s retreat or conference, Pam can help men understand the role and importance of being the best husband and father they can be. Pam is warmly received by men as a presenter who can inspire them to be better men and the husband and father that God is calling them to be, without sounding like their wife or mother. Through stories and insights, they can learn and laugh their way toward being better at loving and leading their families.

With God’s GRACE, You Can Lead a Life of More Authentic Love

The role of a woman in today’s culture is overwhelming – simplify and prioritize your life using the touchstone of grace.
By using a central unifying acronym for grace, Pam inspires women to take off masks and to be vulnerable about the challenges of loving God, neighbor, and self in a more authentic way: G is for gratitude, R is for relationship. A is for awareness, C is for compassion, and E is for embrace.

Staff Retreats for Catholic School Confirmation Retreat: We Are One Family

Orient young Catholics to the importance of Confirmation as a sacrament, and illuminate the path toward experiencing it as a family
Help Confirmandi understand their connectedness with others as God has designed, and the impact of their decisions on others. Through activities and Pam’s caring and challenging story-telling style, young people will experience and celebrate their membership in the one family of God.

Staff Retreats for Catholic School Teachers

Focused training for front-line teachers in their mission to communicate the love of Christ to students
Target Audience: Teachers and staff at Catholic middle and high schools
As a past high school teacher, Campus Minister, and coach, and as an advocate for youth, Pam gets young people. She also understands the tremendous impact teachers and staff have on today’s youth. She can customize a retreat for your staff this fall to energize and feed them to prepare for their encounters with the new group of young people which they will guide and educate.

Pam with a retreat group, February 2020