Still Lovin’; Just Not Bloggin’

So, I guess it is about time to blog again. I guess ministry keeps me so busy that I not only don’t blog, I don’t even check Facebook.  I do, however, focus daily on my ministry to love others and to help them grow in their love of God. Our primary objective is to love our God with all that we are and to love our neighbor as we love ourselves.

My daily prayer is to grow in an understanding of who God will call me to be during the day. How will he expect me to talk?  Whom will he challenge me to accept or forgive? Whom will he expect me to serve? What new relationships will I encounter during the day which will allow me the chance to reflect God’s love?

Every day in ministry, for that matter, every day period, provides us with an opportunity to spread love or hatred, to sow peace or hostility, to nurture others by our words or actions or to drag people down. Each day we can choose to say, “Hi,” to a passer-by, a clerk, a waiter, an acquaintance, or a stranger. Today, I could have chosen to do my workout in silence with my ears plugged by the media, but instead I greeted all people in the training area with a smile and asked them how they were doing, how their family was, what was new in their lives. Almost everyone had a story and responded with a smile; there were a few who failed to respond (Maybe, it was my workout outfit, or maybe, their music was too loud.) Regardless, I will smile and greet them tomorrow. It always makes my time on the elliptical fly by if I am talking with someone; try it.

We are plugged in but so disconnected that some of us don’t even know that we would be happier if we were connected to one another. We need smiles, and friends.  We need to feel valued and appreciated. We need to love and to be loved.

During this Lenten season as we approach Holy Week, I am reminded of the magnitude of God’s love for me. Watch the Passion or read any Gospel  account of Christ’s suffering, humiliation, crucifixion, and death. “No greater love than this that a man lay down his life for a friend.” By his death and Resurrection he freed us. He loved us so much that he became one of us. He bled, he cried, he prayed, he forgave, he died, he rose. He loved and empowered us to love.

Thank you for loving us, Dear God.

Peace and Love, Pam

P.S. Speaking of love, I am coaching tennis again, and we are waiting for our son and his wife to deliver their fourth baby on April 29th. Love is in the air,even though snowflakes were flying tonight in Ohio and it is almost  April.