The Gift of the Present

Hey, Gang,

I guess I didn’t realize how the blogging world might be in collision with the demands of my life. I am sorry I have not written, but writing and conducting a Core Team leadership retreat in August partially consumed me. The other major distraction resulted from the anxiety I felt anticipating the return of my son from Iraq. The last few weeks of his tour felt like years as we awaited his return to the USA. Holding my soldier son in my arms and watching the spouses and children run into their hero’s arms was such a beautiful example of love. Taking advantage of the sacrifices of others is one of the things we do without even noticing that we are doing it.

Sometimes, looking anxiously to the future can prevent us from celebrating the present. Thursday I walked out to the driveway to rescue my morning paper and looked up to revel in the majesty of a star-laden sky. Friday morning was a crisp fall day begging for me to stop and inhale the freshness of the day. Saturday I celebrated the victory of my grandson scoring a goal amidst the bedlam of a four year old’s soccer game, and Sunday I played platform tennis, which is a relatively new sport I now love because it transformed my hatred of winter to a tolerance for the cold.

Platform has taught me that a change in attitude can be as invigorating as a paddle game on a frigid cold day. Celebrating all our senses and all of our feelings, both good and bad, is a great way to rejoice in all that life has to offer. The lessons we can learn from taking notice of the present are limitless. Each day is a gift; each moment is an opportunity; each breath is a treasured opportunity to love and be loved. Let us rejoice and be glad.

Have a great day opening the gift of the present.

Peace and Love, Pam