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The Holy Spirit Burns Hotter Than the Recent Weather

       Recently, the weather in Columbus has been very hot. The sweltering temperature reminded me of the intensity of the Holy Spirit when I feel him burning within me. Praying to the Holy Spirit was an integral part of this past week for me because I was preparing

Fun Morning with Moms at St. Joan of Arc

Parenthood is an incredible gift and a huge responsibility. Today, I spoke to a moms group of terrific, vibrant women of faith. They were moms whose children ranged from one month old to 21 years old. All desired the same thing:

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

Holy Week is the greatest love story ever told, better than some of my favorites like Titanic, A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, or even Casablanca, my husband’s favorite. When my husband and I  participated in the Holy Thursday Mass

Still Lovin’; Just Not Bloggin’

So, I guess it is about time to blog again. I guess ministry keeps me so busy that I not only don’t blog, I don’t even check Facebook.  I do, however, focus daily on my ministry to love others and

The Gift of the Present

Hey, Gang, I guess I didn’t realize how the blogging world might be in collision with the demands of my life. I am sorry I have not written, but writing and conducting a Core Team leadership retreat in August partially

Believe in Love; Don’t Settle for Less.

I just finished two weeks of jury duty, so I haven’t had the energy or the time to write. It is good to be able to reflect again on the power of love on this 4th of July weekend, which

How Love Makes a Difference

Today I was thinking about love.  I just finished playing tennis and love was my score too often for my enjoyment. For you non- tennis playing folks, love means zero. Sometimes in life, we can feel like a zero. When